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Hydro Flow Raingutter Systems, Inc. - Gutters San Diego
Frequently Asked Questions
Why are gutters necessary? 
Rain gutters can help protect your foundation from cracking, help keep your stucco and or siding from staining and pre-mature deterioration.  They help to protect doors and door jambs from becoming damaged by the splatter of the water pouring off of your roof.  They help protect your landscaping as well as they keep you a little more dry as you access your home during a rainstorm.  These are just some of the reasons, I think that by the time you are done reading this, you may think of a few other ways gutters would benefit you.

Are rain gutters expensive?
No, not to begin with and looking forward, they will save you far more than they cost you.  As well as they help to keep your home beautiful!

Are leaf screens effective?
They are, but they are not as effective as I would like them to be.  We primarily use 2  types of screen systems.  These do help reduce the maintenence of our installed gutter systems.  Many products are available to choose from, but few are worth using.

How long do gutters in the San Diego region last?
Like everything, that depends upon a lot of factors.  On the ocean front, due to the salt air, I have found that only copper holds up good, aluminum is vulnerable to the salt in the air.  So it's life varies depending upon how close you are to the ocean as well as which side of the house you are talking about.  As you head inland,  the life expectancy of an aluminum rain gutter rises significantly.  Fastening becomes more critical too, due to thermal fluctuation.  Galvanized steel is vulnerable to rust anywhere it is used; However, Galvalum and Zincalum are both supposed to have the strength of steel yet outlast it by a significant amount.

Why aren't plastic gutters recommended or installed by Hydro Flow?
Plastic rain gutters are vulnerable to the u.v. rays of the sun.  Constant exposure causes them to warp, and become brittle which causes them to crack and leak.

Why do you want to use Hydro Flow's services instead of another company?
We, at Hydro Flow, decided years ago that we wanted to provide the finest product available to our  customers.  So, in 1995 we started hand cutting our 90 degree and custom angle mitres, which eliminates a fitting as well as two seams per mitre.  We also punch our spout holes instead of using drop outlets,  again eliminating seams.  Our Fasteners are high grade steel with protective zinc coatings, stainless steel, aluminum or copper, depending upon the application--and we use them often.  Highest grade sealants are used as well as we offer soldering on galvanized and copper products.  The list goes on, so give us a call or an e-mail and we can tell you in person.  Thank you for your time!
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